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I WANT TO THANK ALL OF MY SUPPORTERS FOR THEIR DONATIONS OF THEIR TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE DURING THE CAMPAIGN! While I was not victorious, I did receive nearly 31,000 votes from voters in District 65. Not bad for an underfunded late entrant newbie into the race. 2018 is just around the corner. 



Hello Everyone!

My name is Bernard "Bernie" Fensterwald and I am the progressive candidate running for the Florida House of Representatives in District 65. I live in Dunedin; however, District 65 also covers Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor and portions of Clearwater, Florida. 

I am running for office because I am dismayed about the direction that Florida has been taking. We must SEND A MESSAGE TO TALLAHASSEE demanding that we take our state on a new, more sustainable path. A way that protects our fragile ecosystem, takes advantage of our abundant sunshine to produce the energy we need, invests in our schools to make all of them great, promotes civil rights for all Floridians and creates a supportive environment for small businesses. Please visit my "Issues" page for more details. 

Please accept my pledge that I will work tirelessly for all citizens of Pinellas County while I serve in Tallahassee. Public service is my only goal. I have no other agenda nor ambition. 

Please consider a contribution to my campaign and/or to volunteer your time by clicking the appropriate button on the right side of this page.

I ask for your vote on November 8, 2016!

Thank you very much. 



Sunday, June 26, 2016 8:15 AM

Are you a Yellow Dog Democrat?

Are you? Just wait and see.

A "Yellow Dog Democrat" is Texas slang denoting someone who always votes for Democrats even if the Democratic ticket has a yellow dog on it! In other words, a solid D.

I am such a Democrat. I even have a bumper strip on my car to prove it. Why? Because I believe that Democrats always offer the best solutions to solve the problems facing our country. There have only been a couple of instances since 1972 where I have voted for a candidate who was not a Democrat, normally because the Democrat was flawed in some major way.

As early as 1959, when I was 8, I recall that my parents talked politics around the dinner table. My Dad worked on the Hill for the late Senator Estes Kefauver (D-TN). In 1960, we drove across the country to attend the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. This was where President Kennedy was nominated. What a trip!

In 1972, while at Vanderbilt, I cast my first Presidential vote for George McGovern, a progressive who lost badly to then-President Richard Nixon. And we all know how that turned out!

For nearly twenty years, I volunteered to help elect Democrats in Virginia. My proudest moment was when we elected Douglas Wilder as Governor -- the nation's first African-American to hold that position.

There you have it. That is why I am proud to be known as a Yellow Dog Democrat. Are you?


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