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Our Fragile Ecosystem

Tourism means $55B annually to Florida ($8B to Pinellas alone). This tourism depends, in large part, on our clean waters and pristine beaches. Therefore, we must not permit off-shore drilling or fracking. We must also protect those natural treasures stressed by over-development, such as our numerous natural springs, the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Keys.

Climate Change

Climate change is real, as is the hand of humans in it. We all are now seeing its effects in many ways. The bottom line is the longer we put off tackling it, the harder things will be and the effects increasingly more severe. We must act now.

Solar Energy

While Florida is rightly referred to as "The Sunshine State", why are there so few residential solar energy facilities? Answer: because our utilities don't want something they cannot control! We must free solar energy from the utilities' stranglehold. A good first step is to approve the consumer-sponsored Amendment 4 on the ballot in Augustdefeat the utility sponsored Smart Solar Amenment 1 which is on the November ballot.  


In recent years, Florida has placed too much emphasis on charter schools and school choice. Such a system ultimately leads to winners and losers. I would rather invest time, talent and treasure in all schools so that they are all great. 

Health Care

The United States has the largest and most vibrant economy in the world. There is no excuse for millions of Americans, including Floridians to lack access to basic health care. I support the expansion of Medicaid in Florida.

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is quickly becoming a health emergency in the gulf coast states, including Florida. We need to implement a combined federal, state and local response to this crisis. Now.

Tourism and the Toronto Blue Jays

Besides being a tradition and a Rite of Spring in Dunedin, the Toronto Blue Jays contribute directly and indirectly $55M annually to Dunedin's economy. Every effort must be made at both the state and local level to work with the Blue Jays management so that their legacy continues in Dunedin. 

Small Business

As a small business owner and a SCORE counselor, I understand what it takes to make small businesses thrive: an educated workforce, robust infrastructure and a bureaucracy that is easy for businesses to work with. Tax cuts, while nice, are not the only answer. 

Campaign Finance Reform

Florida politics is awash in cash. It is a subject that political blogs in our state are obsessed about. However, all of this money has a corrosive effect. Steps must be taken to curb its influence. 

Voter Rights

I support efforts to expand the ability of all Florida voters to exercise their right to express their opinion at the ballot box. 

Civil Rights

I respect the civil rights of all Floridians and I support the enhancement of these rights, including in the LGBT community. 

Medical Marijuana

I support making well regulated medical marijuana available in Florida.

Law Enforcement

I fully support the efforts of our local law enforcement agencies to enforce our laws and to fight crime. 

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